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31st May 2016
Forever Kids Products
12th June 2016

Our First breathtaking experience at the Success Express

The Success Express weekend was held in Birmingham at the remarkable NEC Genting Arena. We were told by our upline that this event should definitely be attended by us as we were new to the business and we should take every advantage of what it has to offer. We bought our tickets the very same day and booked a hotel room for a night. The weekend included a lot of training on how to operate the business effectively and self-development.


Love the enormous sized sign outside the NEC


Manmade beach outside the fabulous Resort World.









We drove up to Birmingham on Saturday 4th June at 7am to get there in time for when it all started. We met a lot of new people and made some lovely friends too. We met our upline team for the first time and had the pleasure of being coached by some of Forever’s top celebrities like Bob Parker, Jayne Leach, Diana Page and Lisa Prescott just to name a few. A lot of the coaching on day 1 was related to having a positive mindset and how to operate the business with the use of basic resources. The Birmingham City Gospel Choir performed the Circle Of Life which was incredibly inspirational. The entire crowd was on their feet supporting the performers. We were surrounded by so much positivity we felt incredibly uplifted. We witnessed plenty of Forever business owners receive Chairman’s bonus cheques worth massive amounts ranging from $4,000 to an enormous $1,032,000! Can you imagine yourself walking away with a cheque of that amount? I certainly can!

During the fantastic weekend, a new product was launched by Forever Living; The Aloe Shave for men and women. We ordered two cans of the Aloe Shave. Amish is so excited to try it and awaits it’s arrival in the post tomorrow.


Me posing in front of the Global Rally poster 2017 which is an all paid for trip to Dubai by Forever. A Forever business owner must qualify to be entitled to go on the trip.







The beautiful Samantha Fawdry Jeffries showing off her well-deserved cheque. She is such an inspirational and kind hearted lady and I was so excited to have finally met her.


Day 2 of the Success Express involved more useful training and recognition to those who received Chairman’s bonus cheques. The day came to an end by introducing the world’s first Diamond Sapphire Eagle Manager in Forever Living, Adam May. He worked very hard for the last five years to achieve this title. He has been with Forever for 20 years and earns a six figure royalty income.

What we took away from the Success Express weekend?

Amish and I have not only learnt so much from this incredible event but we also built some amazing lifetime friendships. Our upline Adam and Katie Whelpdale are such a generous couple, full of life and always there to give us the advice they never received when they joined the business initially. There is no limit of how many managers or assistant managers there can be within the company as long as one works hard and has the drive to achieve the goals they can be where they want to. Once a certain criteria is achieved you can qualify for many different incentives the company has to offer.

The Forever celebs have worked so hard to get to where they currently are and we had the privilege to receive world-class training from them and have fun at the same time. We are so grateful we came across Forever Living and only wish we joined the business earlier as we have seen how it can transform your life completely and give you everything that your heart desires!



Always ready to pose for the camera! 🙂

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