24th May 2016

The Succulent Aloe Vera Plant

Origins of Aloe Vera Have you ever had the opportunity to come across an Aloe Vera plant? Perhaps in a tropical region, you went for a holiday […]
22nd May 2016
Clean 9 - The Results

Clean 9 – Day 9 Review

Clean 9 Day 9 Review – It’s all over! I’ve come to the end of my Clean 9 plan and it is time for the final […]
22nd May 2016

Drink water because….

My experience of drinking 2 litres of water for a week… Over the past week while Amish  has been doing his Clean 9 program I have […]
21st May 2016
Clean 9 One Day To Go

Clean 9 – Day 8 Review

Clean 9 – One More Day To Go! I’ve hit the penultimate evening of the Clean 9! There is just one day to go and I […]