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22nd May 2016
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24th May 2016
Clean 9 - The Results

Clean 9 Day 9 Review – It’s all over!

I’ve come to the end of my Clean 9 plan and it is time for the final measurements! I have actually really enjoyed taking on the Clean 9 and I feel much better for it. I am going to keep up the healthy lifestyle and I am determined to hit my 85kg target by July. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone who is determined to lose some weight and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. As I have mentioned before it is not an easy thing to do but I hope that I have proven it is doable and it is effective.


Date 14/05/2016 16/05/2016 19/05/2016 22/05/2016
Measurement Day 1 Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Total Loss
Weight 93.6kg 90.5kg 90.2kg  89.0kg  4.6kg
Chest 41″ 40″ 40″  40″  1″
Biceps 11″ 11″ 11″  11″  0″
Waist 36.5″ 36.5″ 36″  36″  0.5″
Hips 42″ 41.5″ 41″  40″  2″
Thighs 24″ 24″ 23″  23″  1″
Calves 15″ 15″ 15″  15″  0″
Belly 41″ 40″ 39″  38″  3″

As you can see, while I haven’t lost a massive number of inches in most places I have lost a whopping 3 inches off my belly and 2 inches off my hips! The biggest loss that I am particularly happy about is the 4.6kg that have gone. This has made me even more determined than ever to keep this up and try get to my long term target weight of 80kg. I will definitely be trying hard to hit my 85kg before my holiday!

Before And After

Here are the photos from day 1 for you to compare against my latest photos from tonight. I have almost met my goal of fitting into my old gym t-shirt!

Clean 9 - The Results


I will be honest when I first read exactly what was required to do this plan I was terrified! I didn’t think I was going to have the will-power or guts to get through the whole thing. The strange thing is, looking back on it, I have actually quite enjoyed doing the Clean 9 plan. There were a few hard days and I did have moments where I really wanted to grab a chocolate bar but I stayed strong and pulled through it. It has been completely worth it and I’m really thankful that I was introduced to the product.

If you would like to try lose some weight and kickstart a healthy lifestyle you can buy the Clean 9 pack for £108.95. This is not a quick and easy fix. It takes determination and hard work to see results. If you would then like to join the Facebook support group please contact us and send us a link to your Facebook profile.

Please note that the Clean 9 plan is not suitable for people with diabetes or kidney disease. If in doubt please consult a doctor before buying the product.

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