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21st May 2016
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Clean 9 – Day 9 Review
22nd May 2016

My experience of drinking 2 litres of water for a week…

Over the past week while Amish  has been doing his Clean 9 program I have been inspired to eat and live healthily. It has been difficult for me too to change my old habits and fight the hunger pangs and cravings for chocolates. Alongside drinking the Forever Freedom daily mixed in with fresh fruits I have also increased my intake of drinking lots of water. I have been drinking at least 2 litres of water daily if not more. I have never liked the idea of drinking water on its own especially when it’s very cold so I increased my water intake by mixing hot/warm water with cold water. From time to time I add a slice of lemon in it to add some flavour into it. I have noticed lots of positive changes to my body since then which I shall tell you more about later on in this article. Our bodies consist of about 60% of water. We are constantly losing water from our bodies by urine and sweat hence, we need to rehydrate our bodies on a regular basis by drinking lots of water. Water helps our bodies get rid of unwanted toxins.

I have noticed the following outcomes from drinking 2 litres of water daily: 

  • Aids in digesting food quicker
  • Gets rid of hunger pangs – sometimes I confuse the signs my body gives out and I end up eating the wrong foods when I should be hydrating the body instead
  • My skin feels a lot less dry and has been glowing since
  • I have been suffering from headaches/migraines a lot less
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Improved my moods

Prina's beautique on why you drink more water I drink about 8 to 9 glasses of water in a day.

Prina's beautique on why you should drink more waterThe skin on my face is glowing a lot more since I increased the intake of water over the past week. This picture is not photoshopped and I haven’t applied any make-up.

The other day Amish came home from work and asked me why I had make-up on. He thought we were going out. I responded to him and said I haven’t put any make-up. ‘Oh, I guess the Forever Freedom drinking gel and water have helped your skin a lot then.’ Amish is a very unobservant man. He usually never notices I’ve had a haircut so when he noticed something like this I was astonished and felt really good.

I aim to carry this habit on and see how I get on in the next month. I hope to see more benefits and will be updating you all on how I get on.

Happy drinking!

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